Buffalo Creek Gun Club

International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Competition
International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) Match Pre-registration is required for all matches via Member-Planet. This can be accomplished through the Member-Planet website or the BCGC website, under the Schedule of Events or IDPA links. Match Directors have the discretion to allow a non-registered shooter to participate. IDPA matches are run with a COLD RANGE. COLD RANGE is defined as a range where all firearms must be unloaded unless under the direct supervision of a Safety Officer (SO). Days, Times, Location and Cost • IDPA matches are held on the Jim Starr Long Range 2nd Thursday of every month, and 3rd Saturday of the even months (February, April, June, August, October and December). o Please always check the schedule on the BCGC website for updates or changes prior to coming to the range. 8:00 am Stage Setup and Check-in 8:15 am New Shooters Meeting 9:00 am Shooter Safety Briefing • The Jim Starr Long Range will be closed from 7:00 am until match completion. • Shooters who have not previously participated in a BCGC IDPA match are required to attend the New Shooters Meeting in order to participate in the match. • Shots down range will occur after the Shooter’s Safety Briefing. • Cost is $10 for BCGC Members. • Cost is $20 for public shooters. Participants and Equipment • The IDPA matches are open to both BCGC members and to public shooters. • New shooters to IDPA shooting are always welcome and will be taught the basics in the new shooter’s meeting. • Matches typically have 4 stages: Ammunition required for the match is a minimum of 72-90 rounds (you will want to bring extra, normally 120 rds). • You can shoot any gun (except Single Action Revolvers) & caliber from 9mm to 45, as long as it will not damage the steel plates, as determined by the MD. • A legal IDPA holster (see IDPA Rule Book) is required. • A minimum of three magazines is recommended but not mandatory. • Eye Protection and Hearing Protection is mandatory. • Other items to bring are sunscreen, water, snacks/lunch, rain gear, folding chair. QUESTIONS: Contact the Match Director (MD), Owen Maddox, bcgc777@gmail.com or 720-250-6075
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